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New Campaign Supports Women Over 55 at Risk of Homelessness
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Property With Purpose
New Campaign Supports Women Over 55 at Risk of Homelessness

Older women are the fastest-growing cohort facing homelessness. In Queensland alone, more than 40,000 women over the age of 55 face housing insecurity. This year, Urbaine had the pleasure of partnering with Brisbane Housing Company and Elevate Residential on a unique campaign to support older at-risk women to live at BHC’s New Farm property.

We worked with BHC to launch the campaign, using strategic communications and targeted media opportunities to deliver core marketing and stakeholder engagement for the project. 

June 2023, Brisbane – A new campaign by leading not-for-profit developer and community housing provider, Brisbane Housing Company (BHC), and profit for purpose real estate agents, Elevate Residential, is sponsoring access to safe and affordable housing for women over 55 facing homelessness. 

The campaign – Project 55 – aims to attract 55 new property investors to sign up with Elevate Residential over the next 12 months, with 100 percent of the profits from property management fees they pay sponsoring older women in dire housing to achieve better housing outcomes. 

Project 55 will provide stable housing for women at BHC’s property at Alford Street, New Farm. The units are currently undergoing refurbishment and will be ready for their new occupants in late 2023. 

Seven new property investors have signed up to the campaign since its launch in May. 

Rebecca Oelkers, Chief Executive Officer of BHC, said Project 55 was an innovative approach to the current housing crisis, encouraging property owners to stop and think about how their property management fees could be used for good. 

She said women aged over 55 are the fastest growing cohort of homeless Australians, with as many as 240,000 women in this age group, facing homelessness every day. 

“Elevate Residential currently distributes 100 per cent of its profits from commissions to BHC to help support residents in our affordable housing,’’ Ms Oelkers said. 

“Project 55 goes one step further, providing sponsorship to increase rental affordability for residents and provide personalised packages of support, enabling a wider variety of women aged 55+ in dire housing need to access safe and affordable housing at the property. 

“We are asking 55 property investors to consider joining the campaign by engaging Elevate Residential to manage their properties. With Project 55, we’re encouraging them to make a positive choice about where their property management fees are going. 

“Many of these older women never imagined they would end up homeless. They are mothers, friends, aunties, and grandmothers.” 

Property investor and Managing Director of Bluebird Property, Riye Arai-Coupe, is proud to be the first property owner to support the initiative.